Dear Labrador lovers,

Love and time are the greatest gifts you can give to any dog. The decision of integrating a Labrador into the family is a significant step that should be carefully considered and well planned ahead. Through careful attention, a loving attitude and clear guidance, life with your dog will turn into a wonderful and pleasant adventure.

Due to my many years of experience with dogs and several other animals, I know about the importance of providing your dog a stable family environment that is appropriate to its species. Thus, the dog will be to your delight and your little sweet puppy may grow into a true friend and companion.

The Labradors I breed are in the colours foxred, chocolate, silver and charcoal. Along with their health, my main concerns are a well-balanced nature as well as a harmonious social behaviour. Besides that, I also consider a socialized, well-ordered behaviour in the dog pack very important, so the dog can just enjoy its life from time to time. 

Our "Labradors of RoyalContinentals" breed stands for quality breeding that is regularly inspected by the Veterninary Office of Constance.  

In case of a specific interest, you are warmly invited to visit us and find out in a personal talk whether a Labrador is the right dog for you. I am sure you will be captivated by this breed that perfectly combines the qualities of a big dog with  a sense of work and a sense of family.   

Sincerely yours


Gabriele Waiblinger